Tameka Bryant

Tameka Bryant


  • Office: 816-523-1515
  • Office Location: 1651 SW Longview Road

About Tameka Bryant

In the top 1% of real estate transactions 6 years in a row….Yes, this experienced business professional that specializes in building wealth through real estate and entrepreneurship should be your top choice for anything you want to do in real estate.

As a current business owner, educator and author, I have dedicated my life’s work to assisting Real people build wealth.

Growing up in the South Bronx, I came from a rough area and learned how to be savvy with resources early on. I coupled my street smarts and advanced degrees to gain the knowledge I needed to assist others in being successful and now conduct workshops for businesses, organizations and work one on one with individuals.

I’ve put together a team of professionals that works hard to ensure people understand the home buying process and make wise decisions that help them stay in their homes.